Coach: Kev Cutjar

Evolving a philosophy that works

Originally from Australia, I began triathlon at age 24, without any athletic background. I managed a handful of middle of the pack finishes, which motivated me to continue on as a triathlete. I'd lost weight and gained fitness, but for the next three years I became my own worst enemy. Shuffling through a mass of contradictory information regarding training and nutrition, I trained too hard and too long, which always resulted in injury. This kept me from training effectively and racing well, until I finally changed my ways and started a personalized training plan.

Qualifying for Hawaii Ironman, and beyond.

After recovering from a stress fracture in June of 1994, I moved to Penticton, BC, to train for Ironman Canada. With a 3 month preparation, I remained injury free and managed to place 61st out of 1400 athletes. My 9:58 finish time also qualified me for the Hawaii Ironman. From that point on, I realized that with a structured training plan that takes into account athletic experience, time available to train, personal strengths and weaknesses within the three sports, as well as long and short term goals, everyone can improve to a much higher level in their sport. 

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Kevin Cutjar - Athlete and coach.