New training plans - Coming for 2023 season

TRIATHLON WARRIOR - Training Plans come in two levels "BUCKET LIST" and PERFORMANCE:

If it's your goal to take on a new distance for the first time - be that Half or full Ironman, then the Bucket-List programs is the ones for you. There's a good balance of Swimming, Cycling and Run training, that are realistic to manage around work, family and other commitments.


BUCKET LIST PLANS - If you're in your first couple of years of triathlon or have less hours available to train, you'll benefit greatly from this level of training. Sessions for each individual sport are blended together with enough recovery to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle and to help you to reach your long distance triathlon goals. 

PERFORMANCE PLANS - For the more experienced athlete who is able to benefit from a greater training loads. There are more hours and more intensity in the workouts, taking your long distance triathlon performance to the next level. 


Any training plan can be personalized, to help structure your plan to better suit your own situation (work schedules, travel plans etc) AND also to include lead-up races (setting up easy/taper and recovery weeks around those races without compromising your plan). Book a consultation with a Triathlon Warrior Coach. 


IRONMAN 70.3 - BUCKET LIST Plan - 13 weeks @ 8-12 hours per week - $129.00 AVAILABLE SOON

IRONMAN 70.3 - PERFORMANCE Plan - 13 weeks @ 10-16 hours per week - $129.00 AVAILABLE SOON

IRONMAN - BUCKET LIST Plan - 20 weeks @ 12-16 hours per week - $199.00 AVAILABLE SOON

IRONMAN - PERFORMANCE Plan - 20 weeks @ 16-20 hours per week - $199.00 AVAILABLE SOON

Purchase of any Triathlon Warrior Training Plan includes access to the TW MemberZone via our desktop or mobile platforms. The TW MemberZone provides resources such as your personal training calendar, training and race preparation and execution advice, endurance sport nutrition tips and more.

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